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I'm looking for urban cuts that sound like Mia's "Ten Dollar". Bass-heavy, utterly debaucherous, with a style that isn't necessarily "American" sounding. Are there any afficionados out there can help me with this search?
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You should probably check out the work of Diplo, since he produced most of M.I.A.'s debut, Arular. He has done quite a bit with Hollertronix as well.

M.I.A.'s general style is heavily influenced by Baile funk, jungle, and grime, so those are some genres worth looking into for you.
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You may also want to check out Lady Sovereign, who reminded me of M.I.A. when I first heard her, 'cept a little rougher and less funky. Fergie's been trying to go more this way lately (see "London Bridge"), but that's maybe better regarded as... not a shining jewel of the genre.
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... and for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I might as well throw this link in here: M.I.A.'s new video for the forthcoming Bird Flu single.
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DJ/rupture does some great mixes that have a lot of non-western sounds.
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Bondo De Role (i believe that's the spelling, I don't have my albums handy) is a Baille funk band that sings about assfucking in Portuguese.
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The Bug
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Mr. Oizo is certainly bass-heavy, but I don't know if the music is entirely what you're looking for.
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Lily Allen is a little bubble-gummier, but has some of these elements. And the Streets, too.
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And yes, Lady Soveirgn is right up your alley.
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Man, do I love "Ten Dolla". I listen to that to get pumped up for a big bike ride.
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If you'd like some slammin' bass but not of the grime variety, check out Keep Hope Alive(J.D.S Mix) by The Crystal Method-you will not be disappointed. I dont know, if you'd consider it "American" sounding or not.
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Keep Home alive can be found on Community Service II.
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More Bondo de Role - type stuff!
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Well, first off, there's the Baille Funk samplers floating out there on the web. Second, you can look into the B-more scene (which Diplo kinda comes out of) for a lot of similar stuff.
Third, I'll look around once I get home, since I tend to dig this (and everyone else I know hates it, so I play it when I'm alone).
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ill look for the samplers when i get home (still a work). in the meantime, thanks for the followup, and i look forward to more of your picks!
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You might have some luck with various South African kwaito artists. While it's not exactly like M.I.A., it's usually "urban" and bass-heavy, though it trends a bit more towards the housy side of things. You might have luck with Mandoza or Pitch Black Afro (at a minimum, check out PBA's hair).

I can't comment on the debauchery-level, as I can't understand a word they're saying.
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Slick One "We Makoti" - i found that search for kwaito artists on itunes. how beautiful.
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