I need to extract firefox passwords/userid's
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How do I extract and save/print firefox 2.0 passwords

I have to save my data from firefox before I send my sony vaio to repair, however, I am at a loss as the best way to save the passwords. They don't let you print them and i have tons of them, so writing the link and password/userid is a horrific task. I really regret quitting using roboform because that works great and you can save a text file or print the password list. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Password Exporter might just do the trick.
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According to Lifehacker, SIW will do the trick.
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"... it came as a bit of a shock to see that all of my saved Firefox and Internet Explorer passwords were only a click away with SIW..."

"Luckily, it's easy to export the reports to an HTML, CSV, TXT, or XML file."

SIW - System Information for Windows
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thanks to all of you for your replies. SIW is amazing!
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You can also take it one step further and backup your entire firefox profile. That will cover your bookmarks, passwords, extensions, form data, etc.
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Backing up the whole profile folder (what Gamblor said) is probably the best choice for now but in the future you might also use Firefox Extensions Backup Extension--it backs up extensions (obvious) but also all the options for them, user names and passwords, bookmarks, cookies, etc., everything that just copying the folder gets but without unnecessary files and all in one package. Best feature: You can automate it so that it backs everything up weekly without you thinking.
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I second backing up your profile folder. I have formatted my entire machine several times, and after the machine is back up and running, I simply re-install Firefox, copy the backed-up folder to where it needs to go, and you have exactly the environment you had previously, including bookmarks, history, saved passwords and cookies.

This is, of course, assuming that you're using Windows on the machine. I'm not sure of the procedure in Linux.
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I use MozBackup quite frequently for this purpose. It'll back up Firefox or Thunderbird profiles (including email) into a single file that you can restore or archive for later. Support for extensions is a bit sketchy, but I've never really had a problem with it.

If you download the zip file, you don't even need to install it. Just unpack and run the executable inside.
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