Creative Job Gurus in Chicago
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Creative type recruiters/job counselors in Chicago?

A friend of mine is a creative director here in Chicago but feeling restless in her current freelancing position. She's not a newbie to the field but she's not a dinosaur, either. She's thinking that maybe it's time to explore other, related job options. Has anybody had any good experiences with counselors, recruiters or headhunters in the Windy Apple that deal with people in advertising and other creative fields? Any recommendations would be great, thanks!
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I used to work for Aquent. They have offices everywhere and do creative placement at all levels.
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I have no idea if it's still around, but there used to be a company called AdTemps, Inc. at 311 W Superior Street — (312) 751-0090.
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Paladin does a fair amount of stuff in marketing and advertising.
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