Where did the MySpace mass email address function go?
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Over a year ago, MeFi users described how it was possible to mass import addresses into MySpace from your address book. Now, scouring the site as described in the original post, I can't find this function. Have they removed it? Is there an automated tool / hack I could use to check if anyone from my address book has a MySpace profile? I'd raher not do it manually. address by address.
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Off-topic but...

I used this feature a lot to check my Gmail address book but it has disappeared. Once I found a buddy's girlfriend's profile since she had us RSVP via email. Her public profile had a public blog that talked about their relationship. Nothing bad really but I would say it should have been private.

So I did a print to pdf of it for a friend's wife who is not myspace saavy and she showed it to my friend.

Later, I was late to a poker party - this friend mentioned the blog as he thought we all knew about it...

It was awkward when I got there of course. You would think we were teenagers but I'm 37 and this guy is 40... That night this girl deleted her entire profile. Maybe she emailed Tom at myspace and asked that feature to be removed??? haha
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Actually that is working for me for GMAIL!!! THANKS!
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