Taiwan 2008 Presidential elections: What are the odds?
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Taiwan 2008 Presidential elections: What are the odds?

I have always found that the gamblers in Taiwan have a much better idea what the result of an election will be than any pollsters. Does anyone have the current odds for the Taiwan 2008 Presidential race? In an ideal world I would like a website to check to see how the market is moving.

I don't want to sound rude, but I don't need any analysis of Taiwan politics or anyone's best guess what will happen. I only want the odds.
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I don't think there are any sort of odds yet. There's only one candidate who has formally declared their intentions (Ma Ying-jeou). He's long been recognized as the forerunner, but nobody has any idea how this embezzlement case is going to pan out. And nobody knows if Wang Jinping is going to run against him on the pan-blue side. And nobody has a clue how the whole pan-green is going to turn out.

In other words, you're asking about eight months too early.
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