Old-style Nyquil formulation?
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Is there any easy-to-find medication (in NYC) out there that's equivalent to the old Nyquil formulation, with the meth precursors and all? The old stuff helped me greatly with any minor illness or insomnia, while the new stuff doesn't really cut it. I guess I'd have to ask at the desk, but I don't even know what to ask for.
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The miracle ingredient you're looking for is pseudoephedrine (pronounced "soo-doh-eff-ed-ren")... And I sympathize with you, it's the only thing that helps me too... Go to the pharmacy counter and ask for it by name... They'll probably give you snotty looks and treat you like a terrorist/criminal/addict, but it's worth all the humiliation to get some relief!
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P.S. I know you mentioned Nyquil specifically, and the ONLY ingredient that's missing from the "new" Nyquil is the pseudoephedrine (but that ingredient won't help with insomnia).
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Response by poster: I know it's the pseudoephedrine that's missing, and I could probably get some by itself, but I figure it would be cheaper and it would definitely be easier if I knew of one medicine that had the old Acetaminophen, Doxylamine, DXM, and Pseudoephedrine combo.
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There aren't any "old" medicines on the shelves that still contain pseudoephedrine... They're all kept behind the counter... But your pharmacist will definitely be able to give you the combo you're asking for (if you're willing to endure the accusing stare) lol.
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At all the pharmacies round here (not anywhere near NY, but just as a datapoint), the "behind the counter" cold meds are displayed as dummy cards in the regular aisles. They should have all the ingredients listed and make your choice accordingly. Then you take the card to the counter, and they don't give you any dirty looks for buying Sudafed or anything, because they think this law is as stupid as you do.
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The "nightime coughing blah blah blah" line changed as well when they took out the psuedoephedrine. The new formulation does very little for congestion. I take a sudafed and a shot of Nyquil and stay in bed until I'm well. I did find a bottle of the old formula in my bathroom cupboard that I'm rationing for a supercold. [and this is also how I know they changed their little slogan.]

I was hoping to find it outside the country and smuggle small quantities in but have yet to find anything.
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This Ottawa pharmacy shipped me all manner of pharmacy what-not when I was in the States.

No cherry flavour, but. Neo Citran is the preferred national tea of sick insomniacs here, I think.
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They'll probably give you snotty looks and treat you like a terrorist/criminal/addict

No, they probably won't. Just tell them you are looking to get something like the old Nyquil. They probably have a store brand that has all the same stuff, and is cheaper to boot.
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I thought all they had behind the counter was plain pseudoephedrine. When I had a *really* bad cold, I made the mistake of buying new NyQuil. What a waste.

Here is what I took instead that actually worked for me*:

- 1 dose of pseudoephedrine
- 1 dose of tylenol PM or bayer nighttime
- 1 dose of Delsym cough medicine
- 1 dose of mucinex (guaifenesin)

You will not find a medicine that combines these things anymore, unfortunately.

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I've had more than one pharmacist (while NOT behind the counter) to take sudafed and a shot of Jack Daniels. I haven't tried it yet (and I am not condoning it at all) but its the alcahol in NyQuil that puts you to sleep.

By the way, Drixoral (also behind the counter) is a slighty different formulation of pseudoephedrine that works even better for me than sudafed.
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Try the smaller drugstores. Out here in Queens, a pharmacist recommended Robitussin PE and then made us go through the the "fill out this paperwork" routine. When we ran out, we went to a different small drugstore across the street, expecting to go through the same process, and were told simply, "that's in aisle 7."
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guaifenesin is some awesome lung-clearing goodness.
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My boyfriend is going through some sort of horrible cold/flu thing right now too, and he has been doing what Thrillhouse said. Advil + Sudafed + Maker's Mark. I'm not saying I would recommend it, but it's getting him through the night.
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Best answer: Here are the ingredients:
Active Ingredients (in each 15 ml tablespoon) (Purpose)
Acetaminophen 500 mg (Pain reliever/fever reducer)
Dextromethorphan HBr 15 mg (Cough suppressant)
Doxylamine succinate 6.25 mg (Antihistamine)

It used to include psuedophedrine. You can get a generic version that still does: Nycare.
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They actually keep this stuff up front, with the cigarettes.

I believe Tylenol Cold and Sinus and Advil Cold and Sinus have got what you're looking for (in any event, they totally rock). They probably also still make the old nyquil (or generic nyquil) but I haven't purchased that exact thing yet this season.
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Benadryl is a good sleep med. It's the active ingredient in over-the-counter sleeping meds.
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I was going to post the same thing about benadryl -- take a half of a benadryl for occasional insomnia and it will knock you out. Will not become less effective if you take it 3+ nights in a row; but for occasional use it is great.

I take a half pill because I find you get less of a "hangover" that way but still get the good effects.
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I mean *will* become less effective . . .
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