Help fix our scratched-up dining table!
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Help! We just screwed up our wooden dining table.

It's a solid wood table with a dark stain that recently developed a pretty bad crack (thin, but 8" long) in it, we think due to the changing temperatures.

We bought some DAP plastic wood which worked well to fill in the crack, but left some residue and bleached some of the dark stain in the surrounding area. When we tried to clean up the residue, it only made things worse.

We're thinking about using a good wood surface cleaner and a wood stain marker like this, but aren't sure if that will just make matters worse.

We love this table and are hoping to get some thoughts on where to go from here. Photo here.
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I'd try some Old English polish. That stuff covers a multitude of sins.
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Oh, bummer. Is plastic wood stainable? I'd try matching the wood color as best you can and then then staining the plastic wood and the bleached out areas. The stain won't take to the surrounding area because of it's finish. I'd try doing the work with a teeny brush, and then applying a finish over it, but you might have to sand the whole top a litle and re- apply a finish. Good luck, I hope someone ese here has a better idea.
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the Woodcentral messageboard has been a great source of help for me and my wood foibles in the past. these are a lot of great people with more knowledge than you can shake a stick at.
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Where did you purchase the DAP? They may be able to answer your question. I find small hardware stores (think local Ace Hardware or similar) are extremely helpful. You may want to find one and go in with your pictures.
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Is the wood cracked? can't tell from picture.

If its a finish only issue, don't fill it with anything yet.

If its the wood (looks like birch) look for puckers or warps around that particular plank. Looks smooth from photo though.

If its the wood its drying out, try a humidifier, the crack in the finish will still be there but the crack in the wood may lessen.

It shouldn't be water dripping off the windows humid and could take a coupla weeks.

Or the table is really new, was made with improperly cured wood, and its anyone's guess on how it will mature.
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Response by poster: Just to update this, we tried all of the above and it all just seemed to accentuate the crack.

We ended up going to a professional who took the table out to his shop, filled and stained the crack and then sanded the whole surface down and it looks brand new. It put us out $195 in the end.
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