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Where do I get Elvis-themed goodies and decorations in Austin?

I need Elvis-themed gifts for a coworker's birthday tomorrow. We're totally out of time, so ordering online is not an option. A colleague went on a wild goose chase for Elvis paper dolls over lunch and was, of course, unsuccessful. I'm aware of the music gift shop on 6th street, but I think everything there is going to be too pricey. Suggestions in north Austin are much appreciated.
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Without certainty, but right off the top of my head:

Toy Joy at 29th and Lamar might have stuff.

Austin Books (51st and Lamar) might have an Elvis action figure or comic books.

Did you try Party Pig on Anderson Lane? Terra Toys is up there also and might have something as well.

Lucy in Disguise on South Congress might have Elvis wigs, masks or other more expensive fair.

Start with those, and if I think of anything else I'll get back with you...

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(Toy Joy is at 29th and Guadalupe.)
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(oops...thanks sanko)
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You might try some of the vintage shops along North Loop--Room Service comes to mind. There's also an incredible store on Burnet called...Out of the Past, maybe? I think that's it. It's just north of the North Loop-Burnet intersection, on the right as you're heading away from town. They have a big section of music-memorabilia-toy-junk-type stuff.
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Toy Joy sounds like a strong possibility. Maybe Atomic City, at 17th & San Antonio.
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Try Hog Wild, also on North Loop. They have a veritable cornucopia of nostalgia and kitsch.
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Book People often has good merch (Lamar & 6th).
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Chuy's probably has Elvis crowns and Elvis masks left over from their annual birthday party.
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