What the heck is Cerkle.com?
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Can anybody explain to me what the purpose/function of Cerkle.com is?

It's been in the news lately as being a "client" of the .mobi TLD, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what I'm supposed to do with it. Is it because I'm not 13? It says it's some kind of mobile social networking, but I don't see how, or what it does beyond charging for some sort of text messaging. Any experience would be greatly appreciated.
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More here. I honestly can't read more than one or two sentences of that explanation before my brain turns to peanut butter but maybe it will make sense to you.
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Looks like a service that not only provides some sort of "social networking" for cell phones, but also stores the content of the users main pages online, perhaps allowing it to be viewed by other "friends" as they are added. Long and short of it, a web space that allows for cell phone formatting of blog like info... I think
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I got the same idea as edgeways ("a web space that allows for cell phone formatting of blog like info," which information seemed very limited to me), plus a headache and a burning need to see the word "circle."
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Looks like a big cerkle jerq to me.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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