Love Sucks. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
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I HATE CUPID FILTER: Having an ANTI-Valentine's Day Party...need some assistance please.

I am looking for songs that are very much anti-love. I'm talking angry, hateful stuff. Whatcha got for me? Please help make it a special party!! :-)
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I would have a Chris Isaak album for you, but some girl borrowed it freshman year and didn't give it back.
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The Ur Text:
"My Angel Was a Centerfold" and "Love Stinks"--- J. Geils Band.
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"You're So Vain"--Carly Simon
"We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"--Morissey
"Du Hast"-- Rammstine
"Nothing Compares 2 U"--S. O'Connor
"No Action"-- Elvis Costello
(Hell, most ANYTHING by Mr. Costello...)
"Dear God"-- XTC
"How Do You Sleep"--John Lennon
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"you oughta know" - alanis morissette
"bitches ain't shit" - dr. dre

i have no specifics, but i believe there's a particular song where eminem really loses it on his ex-wife, debbie.

and, um, these next two aren't at all hateful- more ironic- but i've always been partial to the anti-love senitments in "you don't love me anymore" by weird al yankovic, and "the sweater" by meryn cadell.
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The full album Tallahassee by the Mountain Goats.
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oh, some more chicky stuff in case you get a little toughed-out:
"punch em in the head" - lily allen
"superhero" - ani difranco
"there you go" - pink
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Valentine's Day is Over by Billy Bragg. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye by David Gray. Maybe the Smiths song about wanting to die in a fiery car crash with your girlfriend?
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"I Love You, Kenisha"--The Haugheys
(unreleased bootleg maxi-single)
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And, taking a cue from twistofrhyme, ani difranco's Untouchable Face is also fitting.
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Response by poster: These are great, keep em' coming.
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Love to Hate You by Erasure.

Also, CVS sells a few anti-valentines day cards. I bought one with a heart with a circle/slash over it and sent it to a friend. She and I discussed my creating a Bitterness Day as a holiday. One of the traditions would be that people could only make odd numbered reservations at restaurants. It's to prevent couples, or groups of couples from going out that night. And if there was a table with an even number, they'd randomly put another customer at that table. Just to make things awkward.

Also the host/hostess at the restaurant should say something like "Table for 1, Mr. Bitterman?" to all single customers.

Actually, that's as far as we got...
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somewhere in a permanently-light oubliette, good old teddie kaczynski is swearing he'd kill for such a question. them peoples are all evils and must die.

the auteurs of this interpretation of Wagner's "Ring des Niebellungen" did a very nice job at demonstrating what happens to fools in love. you might want to consider showing this piece.

magic helmet, yo.
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"No Children" by The Mountain Goats

"I Can't Wake Up to Save My Life" by Richard Thompson

"Do You Take This Man?" by Diamanda Galas

"One More Minute" by Weird Al Yankovic (which will act as a boinboing-style "unicorn chaser" for the Galas thing, which is wonderful, but drivingly dark and batshitinsane)

"Soap and Water," by Suzanne Vega
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Also check out "It Makes the Room Look Bigger," by Half Man Half Biscuit.
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"Slap of Love" by the Vandals is a good one.

And as palmcorder_yajna said..

"One More Minute" by Weird Al Yankovic <--- fucking CLASSIC. You MUST play that song.
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The angriest song ever written is an anti-love song: (Maybe. It's so angry that it's actually hard to tell.)

Ministry - Flashback

See also:

Elvis Hitler - most songs of of Supersadomasochisticexpialidocious [example 1, 2]
(Thing is, Elvis Hitler is actually really funny and despite the horrific lyrics, kinda uplifting sounding.)

And as long as we are revisiting the songs of my younger days;

Nine Inch Nails - Down in it (In fact, most of Pretty Hate Machine)
Whale - Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe
Living Colour - Love Rears It's Ugly Head
Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You
Green Jello Jelly - House Me Teenage Rave, just for the last lines:

[Woman:] Just hold me.
[Man:] No.

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Can't beat Worm and Scum. Poke around in other Penelope Houston lyrics to find some you like.
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And on post, if you are going for fun, yeah Weird Al has several worthwhile additions to your list.
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Organise a Tequila & Porn party!
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The iTunes Music Store has both a "Valentine's Day Alone" mix and a "Breaking Up" mix. Probably has some good stuff.

Off the top of my head, I'm gonna add:

"fuck you and your cat" - Goldfinger
"She's got the look" - Guttermouth
"Why bother" - Weezer
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These are all break-up, you suck songs, which doesn't quite fit the "love sucks, generally" theme, but might work for you:

The Commodores – Sail On (though the Mountain Goats version might be more palatable for the youth of the nation)
Usher – Let it Burn
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
2nding Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, though I think the original Soft Cell version is tops. Marc Almond can't really sing, per se, which makes for a great overall experience.
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No matter what the occasion, there's a Ween song for it.

And that song is You Fucked Up.
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Kelis's Caught Out There (youtube) is also more about break up, but it definitely has the anger.

Janet Jackson's What About (lyrics) is about domestic violence / leaving the bastard, but also marvellously angry.
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The Delgados (Scottish band) have a great album called, appropriately enough, Hate. You want the second song, 'All You Need is Hate'.
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I can't believe no one's mentioned this yet - Ben Folds Five's "Song for the Dumped."
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No love for Liz Phair? Fuck and Run, 6'1" and Divorce Song from Exile in Guyville would all fit well here.
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Oh, if you're going to do Ani you definitely need "Untouchable Face" if for nothing else than that wonderful chorus.

How about:

Material Girl by Madonna
I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor (or the Cake cover if you're feeling like a 90s flashback)

hm, looks like the other songs I want to suggest have been listed already. There's always [shudder] new emo, that's pretty anti-love.
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Magnetic Fields- I don't really love you anymore
Birdmonster- Janine (I said I loved you but I lied)
Fiona Apple- This is not about love
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She F**king Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd? Or is that too mainstream for MeFi? ;)
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Mediareport beat me to the previously on mefi links, but I also wanted to add that this is probably one of the easiest mix tape themes to google, being a rather common question. (not sure about the songs that got tagged, but it's an interesting way to build a mix tape, and you can preview the songs easily)
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IvyMike is right. Seconding 'You Fucked up' by Ween.
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Don't Look Back - Virgin Prunes (and a lot more of them)
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Idiot Wind and Love Sick by Bob Dylan
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twistofrhyme writes "'bitches ain't shit' - dr. dre"

I like the Ben Folds version of this song also.
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Some comics have some good stuff.

"Somebody kill me" by Adam Sandler (from the Wedding Singer Soundtrack)
"You lying whore" by Sam Kinison (closes his debut album)
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One of my favorites starts out saccharine and then turns:

Loving couples, holding hands
Shop and play hoops, making plans
Share a purpose, share a bed
Those loving couples, I wish they were dead

That would be Best of Me from Eddie From Ohio (Quick album).

Not good if you want bitterness from start to end though.
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"Song for the Dumped" Ben Folds

Possibly "Hallelujah" although I could see people not "getting" that. Still, it references David and Bathsheba, and it's harder to imagine something worse to say about love than it tarnish your reputation as a giant-slayer and All Around Good Guy by making you not only commit adultery but also murder an innocent man to cover it up.
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"Get the F**K Out Of My House" - 2 Live Crew
"Never Wanna F'n See You Again" - Rich Hardesty
"Jerk" - Kim Stockwood
"Before He Cheats" - Carrie Underwood
"You Suck" - The Murmurs
"6'1" - Liz Phair
"Used Ta Love Her" - Guns 'N Roses
"Angry Johnny" - Poe
"F**k It (I Don't Want You Back) - Eamonn and the response, "F**k You Right Back" - Frankee
"I Don't Mind If You Forget Me" - Morrissey
"Hit 'Em Up Style" - Blu Cantrell
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I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys - originally by the Rolling Stones, although the Reigning Sound do a great cover of it.
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jayzee (sp?) 99 problems (and a bitch ain't one)

and i'm not sure if it's really bitter enough, but Betty Davis' Anti Love Song is pretty awesome.
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"not for me," marshall crenshaw
"turned up too late," graham parker
the liquor giants' up with people
most of the elvis costello songbook
"stupid girl" and "under my thumb," the rolling stones

and, as many posters have cited, ben folds five's "song for the dumped" is a classic.
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