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Where can I find a good substitute for AskMeFi? Not that I'm jumping ship, of course. I've used Yahoo Answers a few times but it seems pretty large and unwieldy, and the answers all seem to come from the same snotty 14-year-olds. The Straight Dope has a good forum, but it required a paid membership, and I'd like to find free forums first. Any and all topics. Any suggestions?
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Travel: thorntree.lonelyplanet.com

The Thorn Tree can be super incredibly useful; certain branches - it's divided by geography & country or activity - have really active communities of users and some are more dormant. The more active branches rivals MeFi for enthusiasm and in-jokes and usefullness.
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Computers (General): The forums at ArsTechnica. A great resource.
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You might find some ideas in this previous thread.
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The Ask/Tell subforum of the Something Awful forums (I know I keep bringing up SA, but I spend a fair bit of my hanging-about time there, too) may predate AskMe (I can't remember), has a larger (if younger) userbase, and is very active. You might not be able to see it unless you cough up the $10 fee for membership that was instituted a few years back, though. I got in before then, when it was free, but I'd say it'd be 10 dollars well-spent, if you can tolerate the sophomoric atmosphere. Just lurk and read the rules carefully if you do join and do more than lurk like me -- the mods love swinging the banhammer with extreme prejudice.
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I note that "Questionville.com" from the previous thread currently contains such gems as "Do you want to be with Jesus forever? Or not?" and "Who's going to Hell?".


What I'd really like is some way of queueing up questions here on AskMe, possibly with the option of other members using their one question per fortnight to ask a question in the queue. Anything like that being developed on or off-site?
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That's probabaly better discussed in the Metatalk thread that deleted then resurrected this question, krisjohn.
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amazon has a site called askville.com.
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Askville is okay; you can ask as many questions as you want but you're limited to five answers per question. I mean, you can re-ask (they even suggest it in the faq) but that's spammy, IMO.
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Maybe try Google? Look at it this way, most people giving advice here are giving you answers from Google so you might as well cut out the middleman.
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Wikipedia reference desk. Not so much for the RelationshipFilter kinds of questions, but good for lots of other things.
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askville is nothing like askmefi.

admittedly i looked at it for all of 2 minutes, but i found that not being able to read responses to questions until some time limit passes, needlessly annoying.

didn't know about the limit of 5 answers, but that's also a silly limitation.
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stavrosthewonderchicken writes "The Ask/Tell subforum of the Something Awful forums"

I'll second stavros on this. You can start a thread for your question, or if it's something little and quick that doesn't really require an entire discussion, they have a Stupid/Small Questions Megathread. And do be careful, the probation-hammer and banhammer are swift.
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The Straight Dope Message Boards are well, well worth the measely $14.95 a year. Not only for asking and contributing to the fight against ignorance, but they're highly entertaining and full of interesting, articulate people and topics from the sublime to the mundane. Give them a try after your free forums, you may get hooked. Paid membership gives you a search function; guests don't have this.
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Honestly, the one thing that's really cut down on my Ask Metafilter-ing is some intense Google-fu. Using quotations to enclose phrases and coming up with alternate variations: different ways I could word it, picking up on alternate and/or popular phrasings in some results, etc. A good Google-fu session can take 30-40 minutes if I'm not immediately finding what I'm looking for, but I very often do find the answer I'm looking for. Sometimes it helps me to say, "What if I were trying to Google the answer for someone else?" It helps me get out of any predeveloped mindset I may have formed around the question.
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LinkedIn has an "Answers" section. I can't tell if it's good or not. Pompous professionals answering questions that are mostly about business...you can't search the database (only browse), and it's less about being helpful, and more about showing off your knowledge for the sake of gaining "credibility."
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Self link (of sorts). 3WA. We used to be a totally paid site; we're not anymore. Posting and starting threads is free; users can upgrade for more bells and whistles if they want to kick in to support the board.
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If you're just looking on somewhere where you can post questions and talk about topics of interest, livejournal communities sometimes work. A lot of the communities are dead, but the guns and graphicdesign ones are very live and very good places for this sort of thing. The C++ is pretty good too, while the C# one has been less helpful (but not entirely useless, either).
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