How can I drive a bus?
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How do I get a class 2 driving license in Quebec?

Now that I have enough driving experience, I am intending to try and get a class 2 driving license, the one that allows to drive buses. However, I don't have a clue as to where to begin to get this and the amount of money it will cost me. I would like to avoid taking classes if I can, but obviously I don't have a bus to use for the exams, so I would have to rent one. Also, if I had to take classes, I would like them to be on my free time, not during a full week or something. Is there anyone who can help? Oh yeah the SAAQ website isn't the least bit useful.
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Is this not the information you need?
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According to the SAAQ page linked above, first you make an appointment to take a test. You pay a fee and take a paper knowledge test to get a learner's license. Then you must wait at least 3 months -- during which time you should be practising driving, with someone who has a class 2 license. Then you make an appointment for your road test, and bring your own vehicle. There's a fee for the road test ($50), for the safety check test ($10), and for the license itself.

Since the site doesn't have any government-sponsored classes listed (as it does for school bus drivers), probably you need a private class, which you would start taking after you have the learner's license.

To find a private class, you can probably look in the local telephone book under "driver training" or "ecoles de conduite". Two other options would be to call SAAQ and ask them, or to call whatever bus company you would like to work for and ask them which training programs have worked for them. There's a slim chance that a bus company might hire you and pay for all or part of the training.
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