Family Trip to Rocky Point
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Going to Rocky Point next week with friends and family, including babies. Any recommendations on family-friendly activities, good restaurants, and places not to miss? (The cheaper the better...we're all starving recently-marrieds here!)
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Perhaps this is naïve, but where's Rocky Point?
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You know... we're going there in a few months, so I'll be curious to hear what you report. My friends who went recently pretty much seem to have spent a significant amount of time drinking and lighting off fireworks.
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Mapquest spits out Rocky Points in nine states -- myself, I lived near the Long Island one. We always amused ourselves by getting drunk on the beach and fishing for seagulls (don't ask).

Maybe you could be more specific?
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Since he lives in my neck of the woods, I'll assume he meant Rocky Point, Mexico. It's a popular destination for budget minded folks from the southwest, particularly phoenix.
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Response by poster: Sorry, guys. Rocky Point = Puerto PeƱasco, Mexico. Famous Spring Break destination around these parts. Known (as ph00dz points out) primarily for drinking and debauchery, but also a pleasant destination for boring folks like me who just want to go somewhere with ocean and no computers.
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