mp3 to swf converter?
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I need a command-line (Windows) tool that will take an mp3 and make a swf out of it. Anybody know of one?

Pretty much all I'm looking to do is take an mp3 file and put it into a swf as a streaming sound that stops when it gets to the end. The tools I googled either didn't work or gave me gigantic file sizes. It seems like there should be a simple tool called mp32swf that does exactly what I want (well, there is one called that, but it REALLY sucks).

(Note that it is not up to me that these things are loaded as swf's and not as mp3's.)
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maybe this... or how about these?
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Online, Zamzar doesn't seem to do mp3 to swf, but this one appears to.

(PS I find for geeky stuff, a delicious search brings back way more useful results than Google....)
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