Finding A Genetic Algorithm Fish Video
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Help me find an old clip on genetic programming AI.

A few years ago I saw a fascinating video on genetic programming. Some researchers had created a computer program that acted as a kind of virtual fish tank, and using genetic algorithms evolved creatures that swam in it out of block-like parts. The video was of the various blocky "creatures" swiming, wriggling, and flopping around the virtual world. Does anyone have any information on this video, and a way of getting a copy, if possible? It might have been a SIGGRAPH presentation, but I'm not really sure.
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Best answer: Here it is.
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Best answer: There's a screensaver that you can download that implements the same algorithm. It evolves locomotive masses of blocks.

The program is called BreveCreatures and it's a demo application for a genetic algorithm framework called Breve
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Response by poster: That was fast. Mathowie, you are awesome!
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you'd probably also be interested in karl sims' blockies. some of the most significant evolutionary programming results, imho.
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