Save the snowed-in pets!
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My cousin is snowed in away from home, which is where her pets are. No one has a key. Who does she call?

My cousin went to work this morning and a freak blizzard hit... she's snowed in. Her husband is out of town. She has 2 pugs at home. It seems that no one has a key. The dogs were fed and given water this morning, but worst case scenario, we aren't sure the dogs are big enough to get a drink out of the toilet. If my cousin can't get out by morning, who does she call for help? Will the police or fire dept. break in and feed the animals or bring them to her? Animal shelter? Anyone?
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Depending on where she lives (i.e., how remote her house, how friendly she is with the local authorities, or how likely they are to be diverted during an undoubtedly busy time), she might try your suggestions. I'd suggest calling local locksmiths and giving them the sob story. If she's lucky, she might find a pet-lover who'd enter without breaking the locks, tend to her beasts, and perhaps even rescue them until her return.
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Where does she live?
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They will be fine for one day. A stressful situation, to be sure, but I can't see any harm befalling them being alone for a day.
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Does she know any of her neighbors? And even if all she knows is their names, maybe she can find their phone numbers somehow. Or their names by googling her/their address.

Pairing up a neighbor and maybe a locksmith that's based close to her house, she can get over the "I don't want to let a stranger in my home" feeling.
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There is a lot of info missing that would help us answer your question(s).

What type of neighborhood does she live in? Does she live in an apartment complex or in a stand-alone house in a remote part of town? Have you been to the house or do you have anyone trustworthy who lives nearby her house who can check the place for loose windows or the very least, a mail-slot to creatively feed water to them with?
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She lives in town, so it's not a remote house. She does have a friend around the corner, so CrazyLemonade probably has a good idea. I can't do anything because I'm just as snowed in as she is, and half an hour away.

Agregoli, I know a day isn't that bad, but if the snow continues and she can't get out tomorrow...
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If she has a friend around the corner then I'd say the best thing would be for your cousin to look for a locksmith close to home, but have the friend do the actual setting up of the "appointment" so that they're there at the same time.
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They should be fine physically without water for 24 hours if they are normal, healthy adult dogs. I've had to hold water/food from my 2 year dog for 24 hours when he's had a stomach bug before.

Do have her call a vet and confirm this information of course. If her town has an animal control, you can call them as well and see if they can be of assistance with a locksmith and holding your dogs until she can get to them.
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Have her fax a signed authorization to her friend before calling the locksmith. Most I've used have been extremely picky about verifying ownership / permission to enter whatever property they're opening for you. "I'm her friend" won't be enough.
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Do you actually know whether or not anyone can get to her place, except on foot? Her options may be limited to contacting her neighbor.
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for sure the dogs will be fine for a day or two (to be honest, probably up to 4 days) without food & water- they won't like it, but they won't die. when we were kids we'd inadvertently starve our pets sometimes and they were ok. that should reassure her. they're gonna jump on the bed and poop on the floor though, i can promise you that.
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For what it's worth, the snow isn't supposed to last much into tomorrow in Indiana. The storm is moving to the west and northwest, and the forecast for Fort Wayne says that the snow will taper off by midnight and the wind should die down by morning.
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If I were here, I'd be more concerned about a) what they've torn up, and b) where they've gone to the bathroom than if they have enough food and water. I know that we've left dogs for 48 hours without food and they've been just fine. (They had a water source, though...)
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You can find your neighbors number by using a Reverse Address Search.

Best of luck to you.
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Johnny, I hope so. We are closer to Chicago than Fort Wayne, but we are under a blizzard warning.

At this point, we're more worried about the dogs' health than the mess they're going to make.
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Even two this really that large of a concern? I know I would be worried about my cat too, but two there any evidence a dog would be deathly sick from no water for two days? Just curious...
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Update - she was able to get out the next afternoon... the dogs were only alone for about 32 hours.
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