What Internet Video should I not miss?
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Videos I just shouldn't miss? I'm working on a panel for a Science Fiction Convention, and I'm going to show a DVD full of internet videos. What would you include?

There are some obvious ones: The Star Wars Kid, SOMETHING with Diet Coke and Mentos. What else should I get? I'm NOT looking for pron, thank-yo-very-much, but a little cheesecake would be OK.

The audience is mostly collage age and older, but there are a few kids. These are fans of Science Fiction and/or Fantasy with a sprinkling of Anime fans thrown in.

So, I put it to the Hive Mind: What video(s) should I show?

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"Hand Made Star Wars"
the first AMV Hell
Family Guy TNG Skit
Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter 2

I'll let you know if I think of more. :)
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For a sci-fi con, you can't go wrong with Picard.
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Also, folks might enjoy Street Fighter: The Later Years.
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Dunno if this counts as an "internet video", but the German folk singer Heino always got tons of laughs at the cons I've been to (note: these cons were not in Germany :). Some typical examples. For optimal results, pick a video where you can see his eye problem under the dark glasses.
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A few that come to mind:

It's over nine thooouuussssaaand!
Ok go - Table Tennis
MGS3: Crab Battle
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Oh, and also any or all of Strongbad's e-mails. You can even buy them on DVD without having to do anything.

And how about Red vs Blue while you're at it?
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Star Wars Gangsta Rap
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Kiwi! (Metafilter thread)
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It's sort of a stretch if you're looking for Science Fiction themed vids, but I'm still a sucker for The Moon Song.

Mosquito:Behind the Scenes is a pretty good Firefly parody. I liked it and I fucking hated Firefly.

The Juggernaut Bitch!!!!!!

Po-tay-toes Po-taytoes (LOTR remix vid)
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We Are the Web.
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Although it doesn't necessarily fit into Sci-Fi, Weeeeeeeeeeee! (Gonads & Strife) is an internet classic.

Oh and I second Strongbad's e-mails.
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We love the moon
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Hella's Try Dis.
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The "Duality" Star Wars fanflick (creator's site seems to be down; I have a copy, e-mail me if you want).
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Spengbeb Squrblorsts
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Ah geez. This is a no brainer.


It's cops in the Star Wars Universe.
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2 more I thought of:

Things that don't exist

The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny)
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It's a Trap


Star Wars Auditions

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They're Made Out of Meat
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Alive in Joburg is an interesting little documentary style film about aliens escaping their home planet and coming to Johannesburg.
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Peter Watts did a PowerPoint presentation called "Vampire Domestication" [MeFi link] that is funny, chilling, amoral, topical, and scientifically punctilious with a dash of hard. I'd second "Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny)" and "They're Made Out of Meat" (a Terry Bisson short story adaptation). Maybe the Matrix ping-pong clip and the Death Star battle enacted by hands [MeFi link] could show off some low-tech special effects techniques?
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The Vader Sessions
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How about Patrick Stewart's appearance on Extras?
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Have you looked through VideoSift's top hundred videos of 2006?
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Tie Tanic?
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Here's a good list on Wikipedia.
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I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Numa Numa video yet.
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Matrix Ping Pong
Matrix Karate
(Youtube, both much cooler than the Matrix)

Or, for the ubergeek, www.khaaan.com (shockwave)
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The Exploding Whale
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Troops, Star Wars Auditions, and Alive In Joburg are absolute musts. Alive In Joburg has the topical factor of being directed by the guy who is doing effects for the upcoming Transformers film (a trailer of that is probably not a bad idea).

Boom Goes The Dynamite.

Anything from The Trailer Mash (especially Shining).
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Seconding Troops, Wheeee (G&S), and Red vs Blue. Absolutely include these. (There are a lot of RvBs, and they have some obscenities, but if this works for you make sure you show at least the first dozen or so. They are only about 5 minutes or less each, and about halfway in there is a bit about the Warthog from Halo, loud obnoxious music, and an ambush that is so well set up, that after seeing it, I couldn't stop laughing.)
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Here's the playlist from a "Flash Meme Reeducation" I've run in the past. It may take a bit of work to get these onto DVD, though. If you're looking for sci-fi related stuff in particular, the aliens from "We come in Peace" are unbeatable.
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Respectfully raises middle finger of right hand at yarmond.


[well done]
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The Old Negro Space Program
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