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What companies can custom manufactur a food/diet product for me? (Similiar to "Emergen-C")

I have come up with a product and would like to have it produced, first in comparable small quantities. The product would be in powder form, the container should be bag like, like Emergen-C: http://www.healthsavers.info/images/Emergen-C-HH-2.gif

What companies can custom produce such a product for me?

* dry product, powder product
* small quantities
* bag like container (Similiar to "Emergen-C")

If I have to provide the bags to the manufacturer, which companies custom produce such bags?
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I think that what you need is a "commercial kitchen" to make up the batches. And then you'll need a packaging designer. This person will design the packaging (what words / images / colors / logos/ go on it and stuff) and they can help you have manufactured the actual bags.
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@ Zpousman: With small quantities I ment not bgas in the 100.000. To produce this in the kitchen would be not suited for the quantities that I want. The design is already finished but I assume you can not just use any bag for it. It needs to be suited for food and I guess there are tons of regulations.
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I work for a private label packaging design company. These are a few of the suppliers that we work with to create health-related products. I'm not sure if they do Emergen-C type products already.

You may find that they already have something similar formulated and will have dielines and printing specifications for the finished packaging.

They can probably also help with something custom, if they don't already make it. They will be able to give you information about required legal copy as well.

Most of the items that we work with are standard formulations which are packaged as store brands. The process can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months. I'm not sure how long a custom formulation would take, especially for a health-related item.

You'll also want to register UPC code if you plan to mass-market this item.
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Try contacting Ingredients Corporation of America at 901-525-4422. I'm sure that together with their sister company, American Mercantile, they can do what you need. They will source your ingredients, grind/mix it, put it into bags (or containers or whatever) and ship it to you anywhere. They also keep a food technologist on staff if you want to add, say, flavorings.

Full Disclosure: I used to work for both of these companies.
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