Are there actually more crying toddlers on the subway than ten years ago?
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Help me find a NY Times article claiming that the number of kids in cities has increased over the past ten years!

I'm looking for a NY Times article written between 2000 and now that claimed the number of children in cities (maybe just New York?) had increased over the past 10 years. In contrast to the 70s and 80s flights to suburbia, the article claims, city-life and its growing attempts to have child-friendly amenities has attracted young families into staying put in urban areas rather than move to surrounding suburbs. Can anyone find this article? I've found a lot of work disclaiming this argument, so any other articles supporting this claim would also be welcome.

this is for zoomorphic, who is too busy building her fort to read six years of newspapers
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December 1, 2005, Thursday:
[abstract:] Number of children under 5 in Manhattan increases more than 26 percent from 2000 to 2004, after decade of steady decline; this far surpasses 8 percent increase in small children citywide during same period, and vastly outstrips slight overall growth in population in borough and city; Manhattan's preschool population reached almost 97,000 in 2004, most since 1960's; increase perplexes social scientists who have long seen Manhattan families disappearinto Brooklyn and New Jersey; factors playing part in baby boom include city's growing cohorts of immigrants, as well as improvements in quality of life in Manhattan that may be stanching suburban flight.
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Yep, that's it. Thanks Dave 9, I was wading knee-deep in articles.

If anyone knows of articles that discuss the "baby boomlet" in NYC or other cities, please post. Thanks!
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THis isn't an article, but the last census in Vancouver, BC revealed that there are more children in the downtown area than in the more traditional family areas of Vancouver. (By Vancouver, I mean the City of Vancouver.)
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