My shoes need help!
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Help me find good shoelaces.

I can't seem to find a good quality pair of shoelaces. I just bought a pair of Bostonian wing-tips that came with what I thought was a decent, waxed pair of laces, but the laces broke in two weeks. I have gone through three pairs of replacement laces in the last four days - two that were too flimsy and broke, and one (Kiwi brand) that was a bit sturdier that was not long enough.

Finding shoelaces shouldn't be this hard, but I can't find good ones - does anybody know of a brand of shoelaces that is built to last? I would prefer unwaxed laces, if possible, but other than that I'm open to hearing suggestions.
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I use pure strips of leather. They break about once every 18 months. I get them from a shoemaker. These aren't my shoes but they look like this.

You might want to check the way that you're doing up your laces as this can have an effect on the breakage, ime. I loop inside to out and then outside to in *on the same side* crossing over then to inside to out. Repeat. Most folks I think inside to out, cross over, inside to out, repeat.
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You might consider leather. It will last much longer. I am not sure how it will look in your shoe though.
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A few possible options:

Nordstroms should have quality dress shoe replacement laces . If not you can try the downtown Dr. Marten's store (kinda kittycorner to Nordstroms). They had a pretty good selection of laces in all sizes last time I was in and I think they might have the thinner laces you are looking for. That's pretty much where I get all my laces. Final option - Imelda and Louie's shoes in the Pearl.

I too hate those waxed laces - impossible to tie and they stick up!
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