How to find other shy people online and offline?
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I am shy and sometimes socially anxious person who has benefitted greatly from social activities run by a small support group where I live (Glasgow, Scotland). I found that site just by sheer good fortune after learning (a couple of years ago) to type the phrase "social anxiety" into Google. I would like to meet more people and have more of a social life and so have started a local Shyness group on I would like my group and my site to appeal to those who see themselves as shy rather than socially anxious and to those who know they are shy but have never heard of social anxiety. Where would be good places online and offline to promote our group? Where are the local shy people to be found?
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The library? I know I spent many, many socially awkward years there (and still do). And they should have a bulletin board that will be seen by lots of people.
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Bookstores too.
Churches and
Art Classes
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Chess clubs? Any sort of games where you don't have to keep chatting. Single person sports. Running, swimming, yoga, so sporting goods stores could be good. You can spot the shy in a yoga class by the reaction to 'Ok, everybody find a parter!" They'll be the ones hiding in the restroom. Actually, you could maybe write on the stall walls. "Shy? We are too. Call this # for a recorded message and come to a function. We'll save you a chair by the door."
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Sorry, that should be partner. I got nervous just thinking about it.
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...also knitting and yarn or craft stores. And garden shops. Pet shops too.
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The Mitchell has just reopened, it might be a good spot. There's a bookgroup at Borders at Royal exchange sq. This is actually a really difficult one to answer!
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Seems like people who want subjects for social anxiety studies are always advertising at my university. Any school with good technical programs is dripping with shy people.
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Oh god, and don't make them call a number. Give them an email address they can write to, or better yet, a website they can visit. I always laugh when I see a social anxiety study ad that says to call the lab. Good luck finding any genuinely socially anxious subjects that way, guys!
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Calling a number is usually fine as long as you tell them they'll get a recorded message. It's only when an actual person answers that it becomes a problem.
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