Help me sell my bling
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I've got a ring I'd like to sell. It's 14k white gold, about 7g. It's very simple, and somewhat blemished from wearing it and being clumsy and knocking it about. Where would I get the most money for it, and how can I calculate its raw material value (I know the raw price of gold, but being 14k and white...)?
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Gold refineries won't just take one gold ring -- they work in bulk.

If you want the ring made into something else or credit for the raw $ of the gold from a goldsmith who is making you something else, you may be able to work something out.

(The same amount of gold is in 14k gold whether it's alloyed to be yellow or white.)
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14K means that its gold weight is .583 of it's total weight.

Most people are shocked at how little their jewelry will bring since the criminal retail mark-up they paid at the jeweler usually has little do with the actual gold value.

You might get 40 or 50 bucks for it at the current spot price of gold IF you find a legitimate coin shop or other establishment that buys scrap gold from the public.

Pawn brokers btw are notorious lowballers in what they will pay for scrap.
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As hinted at above, in all likelihood the most you'll be able to get for it is the going rate for gold. (One of my husband's brothers is a goldsmith/jeweler and we've had several conversations about the jewelry business.)
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