Help me find an audio search engine to replace Singingfish.
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My favorite audio search engine (, has recently been turned into a hairy filtered mess of a site by AOL. Does anyone familiar with the old Singingfish know how to coax out the results I used to get, or can anyone recommend a better (similar) site to search for audio?
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are you looking for actual audio or just audio information? have a wealth of information related to finding new music and album reviews etc. if you are looking for music videos, try launch. if you are looking to pull actual mp3s or download videos, the mp3 blog and p2p communities should than fulfill your needs.

the thing that was singingfish simply no longer exists from what i know of it... which is a shame. i don't understand why AOL payed money for such a great site and then just ran them into the ground.
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you might try
it's not as good as singingfish but might help you find a few things.
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is good
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