Help me unearth a Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel I loved ten years ago?
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Help me find a Sci-Fi / Fantasy book whose title I've forgotten!

There was a novel I read around 1997 that I loved- and haven't been able to since find, despite several efforts. This is what I remember: I thought that it had been written by Marion Zimmer Bradley or Andre Norton, was set in the United States, present day, and was about a woman who moved into an old house in San Francisco and gradually discovered various magical abilities as she fought off an evil entity. I remember her "magic" was mostly mind-magic, along with smudging rooms/windows/doors with burning sage and casting wards around the house.

Anyway, no amount of searching has unearthed this book for me- does it ring a bell for anyone else? Thank you in advance!
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Was the cover kind of gray and white with mist, a woman in a robe? Lettering done in red? Doorway in the background?
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The cover has changed from the first time I saw it:

Inheritor by MZB. Multiples releases.
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It's NYC, not SF, but could be the right book:

"The Guardians" by Lynn Abbey

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