How soon to apply for a new job as an archivist?
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Attention archivists! Seeking realistic timeline for hiring-- the sweet, sweet grant money is running out...

My job is ending December 2007, and there is little hope of permanent emplyment here. How soon should I start applying to academic libraries and historical societies? MLS, CA with multiple years supervisory experience with a (hopefully) very sucessful, large project under my belt. I don't wanna leave them in a lurch, but I still wanna look out for number one. How soon is too soon?
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I work at a Historical Society and I know our hiring process isn't that lengthy so I'd suggest give yourself and them a month's notice. That way you should be able to set yourself up somewhere and maybe help them ease into not having you around. Maybe start putting out feelers and looking around a month before that. Good luck!
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Academic library searches can take a long time, I'd start applying for positions that you see advertised in early fall 2007 or sooner if your current job ends in December.
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You want security?

Start now. As gnat says, academic library job searches can take forever.

I'm starting an academic library job in July 07 that I applied for in September 06.
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