How do I set my Powerbook desktop background to be completely black?
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How do I set the desktop background of my Mac to be pitch black? I'm running Mac OS 10.4.8. This would really help for when I watch DVDs on my laptop, but I can't figure out the answer to what seems like such a simple question.
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Can't you just make a pitch black picture file and set it as the background?
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There was a MacBreak episode that discussed this, For some reason the post on 43 Folder is broken, but you can see it here and see Merlin's comment about what he uses to make the bulk of his dekstop go away. The short answer is what snowleopard said. The longer answer will go the extra mile.
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Thanks to everyone who answered:-)

If I were to use snowleopard's method, is there any program already pre-installed that I can use to do this? If not, what's out there that's free (or at least cheap)?
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You might try Backdrop.
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Seconding Backdrop.
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You can click here. Actually, do this...

1. hold down the CTRL key and click that link
2. choose "save link as" from the menu
3. save it to yourharddrivename/Library/Desktop Pictures/Black & White
4. go to system preferences
5. choose desktop and screen saver
6. go into black & white folder
7. select black.jpg
8. presto!
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Desktop Black Background
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Save this PNG file to your Mac > Library > Desktop Pictures > Solid Colors folder. (The system Library, not your user Library.)

In System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop, scroll down to Solid Colors.
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Why not just make the DVD playback in full screen mode? Choose Video -> Enter Full Screen in DVD player (or press &x2318;0).

If you're watching in QuickTime, you can use a simple AppleScript to make it go full screen without having to buy the Pro version.
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Well, it worked in preview... that "&x2318;" is supposed to be the Command character
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I too am wondering that if this is DVD specific, why not just view it in full screen mode? (Command-0 as DrSkrud pointed out.)

But just downloading (or using GIMP) a black background is probably the easiest thing for you.

Think, mentioned above, is free and pretty sweet too.
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Or you can download and use VLC, then hit Command - F to go fullscreen - has the advantage it'll play any region code without coughing up a hairball like the shipped DVD app
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I use backdrop for this. I prefer not to watch movies in full-screen mode, as the pixelation is distracting, and launching an app seems like less trouble than changing the background.
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