seeking fat fingers instead of skinny stylus
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I've got a touch screen PC that I'm setting up for a commercial demo and I've got a couple questions that I've been unable to figure out on my own during the last couple days, and I'm hoping someone here can help.

1) I've got a program that i need to have maximized upon opening. yes, I've tried the option in the shortcut properties to make it open maximized, but the problem is that the login screen associated with the program gets maximized, then the main program starts un-maximized. is there some registry tweak in windows that will force all new windows to maximize themselves? this PC will be used for nothing else so i have no problems with the general inconvenience this might cause in normal day to day use.

2) this whole thing is running on a touchscreen PC to be used in industrial applications. to make things more seamless, i installed windows XP tablet PC edition in order to use the on-screen keyboard. Unfortunately, tablet PC edition is tailored to stylus computing far more than it is to fat-finger computing. Does anyone know of a way to a) increase the physical height of the on-screen keyboard and b) force the keyboard to remain open at all times?

Thanks tons folks!
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It's at the program level as far as I know of to force it full screen.

As for the on screen keyboard, I don't believe there is a way to make it suck less, I hated it on my tablet, even when I did have a stylus. Look for 3rd party on screen keyboards unless somebody else here has better ideas.
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i've already got an on-screen keyboard from another vendor, but it's... not that great. the good thing about the MS one is that it automatically takes the screen space allocated to it away from any software that you're running.
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Maybe AutoIt will do the job of maximizing the windows for you?
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