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How would one go about selling one of their kidneys on the black market?

Has anyone out there ever done this or considered it? I've heard that buyers offer as much as $150k for a very healthy kidney. I don't drink any alcohol, am young, and have a very good commodity. How do I find buyers?
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Become an hero.
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There are several sites that seem to either tacitly or explicitly support what you propose. Maybe if you inquired with them, they could point you in the right direction?
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Or you could donate your kidney to someone who needs it and can't afford 150K plus for it.
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Move to India, where you can more easily get the relevant connections. You will find, however, that the going rate is far far far below $150K.

More like $1-2K, in Andhra Pradesh. Rates in Pakistan may be slightly higher.
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"I've heard that buyers offer as much as $150k for a very healthy kidney. "

You've heard wrong. The market has globalized, and the going price is well south of $10,000 US.
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Are you sure yours are 'very healthy'?

One of mine is ectopic. Doesn't cause any problems, but there's no guarantee that it'll stay that way. I imagine there're a good number of things like that that could make you unsuitable as an organ whore donor, paid or otherwise.
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