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I have a Fujifilm FinePix 2650 digital camera which, although a great camera, has the crappiest image-access software. Instead when I bought it I just used XP's camera wizard, which worked great. Since I went to XP-SP1 it recognizes the camera as a USB drive, not a camera. Trying to use camera setup wizard gives a "no camera detected." So I can get the images as they're JPEG files, but the auto-naming and features of camera wizard are unavailable. Anyone else have camera-detection problems on XP-SP1? Is there a workaround?

For reference: most recently-updated drivers from Fuji, no info to my knowledge from Microsoft's support site, and switching to non-SP Windows isn't an option.
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You might try cam2pc (two versions, free and cheap). I think it does pretty much what you want and your camera is on the compatible list.
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I picked up a USB media reader for about ten bucks for this very reason. Now I just pop out the CompactFlash card on my camera into the reader, and XP recognizes it as another drive. Plus, the camera's batteries aren't worn down when I transfer files.
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Response by poster: I have to play around with the features but so far this seems like the best alternative, cedar. Thanks a bunch.

kickerofelves: good idea, but that's kinda the exact opposite of my problem... i was annoyed that my camera WAS being detected as a drive, as opposed to a camera, which prevented XP's camera wizard from activating and giving auto-rename and auto-rotate features when taking pictures off the camera and stuff like that.
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Have you tried Adobe Photoshop Album? It's worth the $50 or so Amazon sells it for, but they even offer a free (somewhat crippled, I guess) version on their site.

It's like iPhoto for the PC, works great as a photo manager (it'll give everything a unique name automatically) plus as soon as you plug your camera in, it'll autosense it, pop open and ask you if you want it to download. You can also do stuff like order prints and make slideshows and stuff.

I recently set it up for my father-in-law, in place of any camera software and it worked great for him.
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