SF Bay and Transit Filter: anyone have any transit system schedules for their iPods?
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SF Bay and Transit Filter: anyone have any transit system schedules for their iPods?

Hi Mefis,

Ok, so I’ve got the BART system images uploaded to my iPod (the video one)… has anyone attempted something similar with the Caltrain schedule or any of the various transit authority schedules in the Bay Area? I seem to recall a transit application for Palm on SourceForge, but haven't found any luck finding it again, or finding anything for iPod. I try slicing up the images of the Caltrain schedule, but haven't found a way to make them viewable for use - I get the schedule up there as an image, but it's incomprehensible.

iPod owners - what do you do? any help is appreciated - thanks!
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Have you checked the Notes section (under 'Extras') on your iPod? When I downloaded the BART maps, it came with text schedules that I dragged into the iPod's 'Notes' folder. I imagine you can do something similar with a text version of Caltrain's timetables.
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Is this it?
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Actually no, I had found the BART images somewhere like the isubwaysmap.com site - these are the same images though. It does look like you can update the BART schedules for various times etc. and have *that* on your iPod - which is getting closer.

Can't believe it - BART's done something good. (falls over). At least with this I can go to the other agencies and say, "what do you guys have planned equivalent to it?"

keep 'em coming... there's got to be something already out there. Enterprising geeks in Silicon Valley - please tell me you don't all just drive...
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