Inverted Media Files
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Okay, for some reason, all of my .mpeg and .avi files when opened in Windows Media or Global DIVX play upside down and inside out. The audio is fine, but the image is totally inverted. What is up with that? How come .wmv files are playing normally? Did i do something to the files or is there something messing with them?

It just started happening out of the blue last tuesday.
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Which codec are using for divx? If it's ffdshow, you might want to consult the configuration for that. Same way with some of the other codec plugins as well...
posted by ph00dz at 2:59 PM on March 6, 2004

Codec problem. Try installing this codec pack.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 4:29 PM on March 6, 2004

I started getting this problem when I downloaded the NIMO codec pack. If you have that, dump it and try to find a newer DivX decoder. (As for "out of the blue", find out if WMP auto-downloaded anything new when you tried to play a new video file or something)
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I also experienced this (some time ago) after installing the Nimo codec pack. I found a Divx configuration utility in one of the folders Nimo installed in my start menu (something to do with the G400Filter, though I don't have a G400 video card) that allowed me to check a box and flip the video. Unfortunately I would occasionally find a video that required me to flip it back. I've since ditched Nimo and now get my codecs on an as-needed basis, and have not had a problem with upside-down video since.
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What Stavros said. K-lite is a great codec pack.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. You nailed it on the head.
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anyone know why this link is now broken? not broken as in no site found; broken as in scrambled text gook on the index page...
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