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Help a Scots lad find a decent, good value kiltmaker in Edinburgh

Hello Mefites - I'm getting married in May, and the time has come for me to get the cash together to get a decent kilt and associated gear. I'm Scottish originally, now living in London, but I'm planning on going back up to Edinburgh to get one. Ideally, I'd like to get a kilt, plus 'top half' options of a Prince Charlie jacket for evenings and a tweed effort for mornings.

Having grown up in tourist-town Edinburgh, I'm a little worried at the proliferation of hard-sell places that may over-charge visiting Americans etc for their gear - I'm looking for the real deal, made and measured with good service, high quality materials and a great end result.

I'm thinking top end of my budget is going to be £7-800 for the lot, but if I can get it for less, that'd be awesome.

Any recommendations?
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Couple of personal recommendations - one Edinburgh, one Glasgow:

Go through to Glasgow and visit Slanj on St Vincent Street.

I've had three kilts from them: really friendly service, beautiful material and though they're not the cheapest you do get what you pay for. My oldest is now five years old, had some heavy wear (I go hillwalking in the summer in it), and still looking good.

Also had one from Geoffrey Tailor Kiltmakers (flash intro), and again, no complaints. They've got an Edinburgh store and they make London visits too.
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Update: Also take a look at Kinloch Anderson (more flash intros..) in Leith - my brother says he's used them and would think about going back.

Best thing to do is shop around until you find a kiltmaker that feels 'right' and where you feel comfortable. Good luck!
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I came to recommend Slanj as well.
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A couple of years back, the going rate for the kilt alone was in the £350 range at the kilt shop on Bridge Street in Musselburgh, next door to Elena Di Rollo's ice cream shop opposite the Brunton Hall.
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Response by poster: Cheers chaps - I'll take a look
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