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Recommendations for Lodging for Large Groups (20+) in Squaw

Anyone have any recommendations for rentals for large groups in Squaw during Snowfest, March 1st-5th? Basically large houses close or connected to one another would be ideal. Cost isn't the number one factor as we would like a nicely appointed accommodations, location is. Ideally the house would be in Squaw Valley, we don't want people driving.

Thanks in advance.
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we don't want people driving

This is essentially impossible.

There is some housing in the Village at Squaw, but essentially none of it has more than 3 bedrooms, and very little of it is rented out on a short-term basis. All of that housing is new and expensive, so an owner hearing that you'd like to put 20 people in there is going to be a deal-killer.

There is also the (spendy) hotel at Squaw Creek.

Your best bet is going to be finding a rental somewhere in Tahoe City, which is a fairly short drive from Squaw (and Alpine Meadows).

But if the #1 priority is no driving, look at Heavenly and Northstar, both of which have more options within walking distance of the lifts.
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