That collar from the Sephora ads?
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This is kinda (really) obscure, but what the hell. Does anyone know where they got the collar that is being worn here?

It's, and if you go past a Sephora, at least in the Seattle area, it's very prominently in the front window. It has to exist somewhere, and I really really really would like to know. I will love you forever if you have any idea, or anyone I could ask -- I mean, I can e-mail some random address at, but I don't really expect having much success that way.

Thanks much, even if this comes up with nothing.
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If they're in the store display, maybe you'd have luck calling the local manager and inquiring? At least as a first step. They may be a custom job for promotional purposes only. You might be able to narrow it down by contacting the store first.
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If I had to guess, I would say that it probably came from a neighborhood sex shop - it looks like a pretty typical leather bondage collar with a D-ring. Add a heart shaped lock and there you go.
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The heart lock in the picture looks like it has the sephora 'S' shape on it, so it's at least partially custom. The basic play collar looks similar, minus the heart.

on preview, what milkrate said.
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I thought it was known as a "choker".
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leather collar + heart padlock
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