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Valentine Day date ideas in Bloomington, Indiana

Just recently met her, and we've been on a few dates already, which mainly consisted of eating out, so i'd like to stray away from the idea of the meal being the main event for the night, though I think dinner is a given for the event.

Whats worked for you in the past? Any general ideas or rules of thumb would be great, too.

-under 21
-and it is fairly cold, so unless its really awesome, skipping through the meadows is probably out.
-won't be able to go out till about 8-8:30 at night
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Best answer: Contra is on Wednesdays.
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And, for a yummy vegan meal, go to 4th St. But you probably knew that.
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Midnight sledding near 17th St. and Tri-North. Then head back to your place for hot buttered rumvegan hot cocoa.
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Lake Griffy is frozen over. Walking on a lake has a certain charm to it, especially this far south.

Maybe a quick dinner at Lonely Planet (above Soma), if you don't want dinner to be the main event, then coffee from Soma and a board game, then on to somewhere else?

(Not the most romantic thing, but if you're fun-loving it would work.)


I would avoid College Books.
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(How many Bloomington MeFites are there anyway?)
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The Snow Lion is really good, and I believe they have vegan food. You could also get food at Bloomingfood's, they have fantastic vegan food, and then take it to your place, light candles, etc.
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I second the Snow Lion as a great restaurant.

You could go for a late-night drive around Lake Monroe/Hoosier National Forest?
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