I want some stinky spiky fruit!
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Where to get good durian in Vancouver?

The ones in the freezer at the T&T near Tinseltown are kind of scary looking. Actually, frozen already opened durian would be ideal. Mmm, stinky fruit.
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I believe some Asian stores sell some pretty good durian ice cream. It's on popsnicle sticks, and has some chunks of durian in it, too. That may be easier to find than actual durian ... but as for the real thig, I'm not sure. (Just follow the smell!)
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Best answer: The frozen stuff at T&T is fine. The one with the red packaging is what I bought recently. Inside, there are individually wrapped pieces of durian flesh.
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There's a fruit and vegetable warehouse at 456 Prior St. I know they import durian because our software business had a warehouse upstairs and every month or so it stunk up the place. You might want to drop by and see who they're selling to. The warehouse I'm talking about is on the west side of the building facing the big parking lot.
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Response by poster: Ooo! randomstriker, I'd only seen the frozen whole durians at T&T, which appear pretty old and frostbitten. I take it I should check the freezer aisle more closely. Was this the T&T downtown?
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Response by poster: Found 'em! Awesome!
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