Is there really a low salt ham?
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Help me find some really low salt ham cold cuts. Healthy Choice is still too high in my opinion. Thanks
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buy a small ham from your butcher, then boil it.

This will rid it of excess salt while still keeping it palatable. If you would like to add some flavouring to add interest, then prick some cloves into the ham, at intervals of 1 to 2 inches apart. the cloves should be whole (they look like little nails) not ground.
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Sodium is an essential part of the process of making a ham. I'm not sure it's possible to make "really low salt ham"; the meat wouldn't cure.

Have you read up on how it's made?
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As pointed out, a ham has to be cured in salt. You can do it yourself though. I love Charcuterie, by Michael Ruhlman, which has excellent clear instructions for a variety of homemade hams. I would try a short brining period, with a normal amount of pink salt, but less regular salt. It will probably taste less ham-like, but more healthy.
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