How do I make a custom briefcase liner?
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How do I make a custom briefcase liner? (More Inside)

A friend gave me a used Zero Halliburton Centurion Elite briefcase that I would love to make into a laptop case. For now, it's just a nice aluminum shell. A few places on the web sell foam inserts that the user can cut to match his equipment (which doesn't sound too easy to do correctly), and that's probably a good start, but I'd like to build some folders into the thing as well. It would certainly be a bonus to not have the work look half-assed. Of premium importance is that the case protects my laptop.
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I carry a regular old corduroy messenger bag, and bought one of these to protect my laptop. I am lazy and just slide it in, but if you are feeling crafty you could do something with velcro and make it snap into the briefcase to hold it steady.
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Foam insert suppliers generally sell foam with scored markings that enable you to easily pull out sections to fit whatever you like. Looks clean and professional and it's dead simple to use. So you don't need to necessarily count that out.
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For customizability, you may be able to find smallish foam blocks which can be combined into a configuration exactly to your needs. You'll want to adhere them together somehow -- toothpicks might work -- but taking that positive-build approach over carving negative spaces may very well look much nicer in the end yet provide equal protection.
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