So just how do ya become a Scenario Planner?
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So just how do ya become a Scenario Planner? I've read about and I'm interested in making it a career.

After reading Peter Schwartz's scenario planning book, The Art of the Long View, and finding the Wikipedia entry for Scenario Planning, I'm curious in the process of becoming a Scenario Planner. I'm sure there's no straight path.
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Hmn... could you possibly, you know, link to the wikipedia entry?
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SpecialK, here's what I turned up, along with a list of published works and articles. I doubt there's really a job title as such...this is interdisciplinary research requiring diverse teams, each member having a specialty to contribute. Unless you're another Herman Kahn.
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Best answer: You could try talking to someone at GBN, an SF Bay Area company that specializes in scenarios. I hear they have a good reputation in this area. I don't know how old you are, but they have some fairly young (mid/early 20's) people working there. I'm not certain what their educational history is. It was my impression that they value fairly esoteric backgrounds, so your area of interest should sound interesting over the phone.
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Oh. Well, then, see also:

Game Theory and Think Tank
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The Wikipedia entry is remarkably reminiscent of a class I took last semester titled "Planning and Policy Analysis," in the Master's of Urban Planning program. Minus the wargames, of course. I'd also recommend solid coursework in statistical analysis.

Urban planning has many subfields, including emergency and disaster planning (think Katrina). Most urban planning scenarios are fairly narrow (how should we develop this corridor?), but having a long view is extremely important, since one's decisions will affect residents decades from now.
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I second GBN. I've been toying with this route for a long while and GBN is where I'd probably start. Another option would be a program in systems theory. MIT had a good one.
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Response by poster: Thanks all.
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