Johnny Carino's Posters
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Where can I find the posters used at Johnny Carino's Italian Restaurant?

Every time we go to eat at Johnny Carino's we see these great posters of Italian food with people. They change them seasonally so we asked if we could have them when they were done using them, but we have never heard from them.

I was wondering if there is a place online where I can find them to purchase. Some of these would look great in our kitchen.

Thanks for your help.
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Here's a sample of a poster
posted by idlm at 1:31 AM on February 11, 2007

Try checking out At the top, there's a link to the VINTAGE section. You can filter this on the left hand side as per your requirements. The Food & Beverages tab, for example, looks like it might have just the kind of thing you're looking for. (The frames make it hard to link directly to the search) Good luck!
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An example of something that might fit your criteria. There ya go.
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Save that picture and go to any photo printing website. Have them print it any size you want. Frame, enjoy!
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