How to convert Blogger to Movable Type?
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What's the best way to convert an existing Blogger blog into Movable Type?

Hi! I've had my blog on Blogger for 2 1/2 years or so, and it always met my needs, more or less. But, now that they've been changing it, it's really pretty much broken for me. My RSS feed is totally screwed up (and has been for months), and otherwise, I'm just not really happy with what they're doing (I have it hosted on my own site - I understand that the blogspot hosted blogs aren't having nearly the same number of problems.)

So, I'd like to change it over to Movable Type, and keep all my old posts, including all the old comments. I'd also like to keep all the old permalinks, if that's possible.

Anything I need to do special when installing Movable Type?

Any suggestions?
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Converting from Blogger to Movable Type
Importing your Blogger weblog to Movable Type (illustrated)
Movable Type user manual: Importing Weblog Content

And other Google search results for "import blogger movable type."
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An alternative is simply to leave the old posts in their original archive files -- I did that with two blogs when I moved from Blogger to Movable Type in late 2003. There are some disadvantages to not importing them, but I don't think I've suffered. If nothing else, it preserves the old permalinks; Movable Type and Blogger build individual entry filenames slightly differently (dashes vs. underscores) by default.
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Check your email MythMaker.
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