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my hair on the front of my head on my right hand side has always stuck up, it never ever goes down. why?
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Cows lick?
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Yep. It's a cowlick. I've got three of them.
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The cowlick "explanation" is a little tautological. Yes, of course it's a cowlick, but that's just a succinct label for the (weird) phenomenon. WHY does it happen?

Actually, there was an Ask Yahoo about this, which has a decent expalanation:

Each hair on our heads leaves its follicle at a "definite and predetermined angle." The characteristic patterns and swirls our hair forms are caused by these angles. A cowlick occurs when these hair "streams" form a spiral pattern, usually circling in a clockwise direction.

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Lomazzo, translated by Haydocke, describes how to paint them: "the lockes or plaine feakes of haire called cow-lickes, are made turning vpwards."
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The stork brought you early, a cow licked the morning dew from your brow before your mother found you in the meadow.
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