Monkey trouble!
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Zelda/wii: I have all three monkeys and I am standing at the long rope which (I am assuming they are supposed to help me get across), yet they do nothing but follow me around. What am I doing wrong?

I've completed every part of everything up until here according to the guide on IGN's website. Is there something I am missing?
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I think you need four monkeys to cross the broken bridge.

Gamespot has a Zelda guide as well if IGN's isn't helping.
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you could try, if you haven't already. They've got spectacular cheats and walkthroughs. I personally don't own a Wii or play Zelda, so I can't help otherwise, sorry.
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Yep, you need more monkeys. When you have enough, they'll know what to do.
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Is this The Twilight Princess version?... It sounds like you're in the Forest Temple... My son can't remember what you need to do, but there are walk-throughs at that he finds very helpful... Good luck!
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Ask MetaFilter: You need more monkeys.

I concur with the GameFAQs recommendations, and I'll add that I had the exact same problem as you, and it was one of the 2 or 3 most frustrating parts of the game.
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thanks! I found the step i was missing! Rock Steady, you are right, this is completely frustrating!

On a side note, I love any AskMefi question that results in an overwhelming response that I do, indeed, need more monkeys!

Thanks, everyone!
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There were three spots in Zelda where I got stuck, and that was one of them.

Grumble. I was gonna put two hints/spoilers, but Matt has disabled the font color tag, so I can't hide them in the page's background color.

I don't want to accidentally wreck this wonderful game for anyone, so I'll suggest the FAQs instead. :)
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You know, there are very few problems where the answer is you need more monkeys....

Just a random thought.

And maybe the world just needs more monkeys in general.
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I remember I used to have to a call a long distance "helpline" number in Seattle to get past my Zelda stages! And, boy, was my Mom angry when the phone bill came. Ah, the internets!
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I remember this. I got stuck for about half an hour until I realized I needed more.

Keep looking!
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