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iTunes Filter: How do I move tracks from the Podcasts section to the Music section?

I recently discovered Jonathan Coulton's Thing a Week podcast. Great stuff, I grabbed all 52 songs. But I don't want them to live in the Podcast section, I want to be able to browse my Music section and play them from there. I want them to show up on my iPod under the artist's name, or by the album name, and not have to search for them under podcasts. I edited the Item Info for all of the tracks, setting the Artist and Album names, setting the track numbers so they all line up, changing the genre away from Podcast and into Pop-Folk. I set Remember Position to "No" so the songs would behave like songs and not podcasts. But still they don't show up where I want them to.

Do I need to manually pull out all the files, edit the tags outside of iTunes, and then re-import them?
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type 'convert podcast to mp3' in google.
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There are a couple ways to do this. Use Switch application (freeware) to convert the podcast to an mp3 or AIFF instead of movie file, then import back in to Itunes. If you have quicktime pro, you can do the same thing; drag tune to desktop, open up in Quicktime, and convert. In either process, you can change the title, e.g. album the cut is from, source, etc.
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