What is the name of this old children's movie?
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I can't remember the title of this old children's movie I saw long ago.

A long time ago I saw a movie in grade school that I really liked, but I have never heard of since. I can't remember the title but I can tell you a few things about it:

- Started off as a movie with real people and a little boy, and then the movie and he became animated (I think he did this by jumping into the TV).

- Film made in the late 60's or 70's (color).

- One character in the film was this Gollum looking creature who liked to do big things in tedious ways (he suggested using a thimble to empty water from a well, use a needle to chisel a boulder).

- At the end the boy goes back to real life and goes to the park to swing. There is a red balloon that flies into the sky in the closing shot.
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Phantom Tollbooth?
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....but then again, I don't remember the balloon....
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I think that is it, but the imdb synopsis doesn't give too much away. Thanks!
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Isn't that (also?) the closing shot of Le Balloon Rouge? Perhaps you have the two movies conflated? (I've never seen Phantom Tollbooth, and haven't seen The Red Balloon in decades.)
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The Phantom Tollbooth.

"Because, my young friends," he muttered sourly, "what could be more important than doing unimportant things? If you stop to do enough of them, you'll never get to where you're going." He punctuated his last remark with a villainous laugh.

"Then you must -----" gasped Milo.

"Quite correct!" he shrieked triumphantly. "I am the Terrible Trivium, demon of petty tasks and worthless jobs, ogre of wasted effort, and monster of habit."

Interview with Norton Juster. While not yet released on DVD, it is available on VHS. It's not okay to link to piratebay, right?
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I remember Milo following a red balloon in the opening scenes, before it became animated... so, yeah, I think this is it.
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If it was Phantom Tollbooth, then surely you will remember Tock, the Watch Dog. And the scene where the kid screws up a sunset and leaves the sky a blinking mess.

The animation was directed by Chuck Jones, and Mel Blanc did the voice of Tock.
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Phantom Tollbooth is a great, immortal, children's book - worth checking out the book if you liked the movie!
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Yep, Phantom Tollbooth. Starring Eddie Munster.
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That page was torn out of my book. I had a hole in my shoe. I was sick that day. All of the other kids were doing it. - The Threadbare Excuse
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kimota, it's been a while since I saw it but for some reason I have this clear image of the end of the film with the boy swinging and then a red balloon floats up to the sky.

chudder, no need to link. I already found a torrent. :)

Thanks everyone, for the help. I look forward to seeing the film again.
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