Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5/2.0 compatibility?
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Is it possible to take Adobe Premiere Pro project files back and forth between 1.5 and 2.0?

At school we're using 1.5 in the editing suites with the VCRs. At home I've got 2.0. I would like to be able to capture at school, then take the clips/project home to edit (portable HD), then take back to school to put back on video tape.
It seems to be fine going from 1.5 to 2.0 but when I try the reverse, it refuses to open the file. Even exporting the video as a whole file and then plopping it into the time line doesn't jive, as undesirable as it is, the video turns choppy in 1.5.
With Illustrator, it at least lets me save a CS2 file as CS compatible, even if it does add stupid clipping masks. Premiere doesn't seem to have any similar options.
Is there any way to make the files work, or should I just downgrade to 1.5?
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Best answer: 1.5 -> 2.0 = yes
2.0 -> 1.5 = no

The exported AVI file should work fine on 1.5 unless you are embedding the project in the video file. Make sure you aren't adding anything extra to the file (I think it will default to embedding junk).
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