Printing Out Confessions
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How do you create a printable version of a livejournal entry's comments when there is more than one page?

For the past... year? ish? people at my school have been posting on an Anonymous Confession Board on livejournal. Here is the current iteration, here is the first one, and there have been 7 others in between.

I am utterly fascinated by these, not just because they're kind of about people I know, but because they are so psychologically cathartic. They really demonstrate something about anonymity (I'm not sure what yet, but I'm hoping to do a research project about it in the future). Because of that project, and also because people have always wanted a more searchable format, I've been hoping to find a way to consolidate each of them into one HTML page (the "finished" board generally takes up around 40).

In my search, I came up this greasemonkey script that unfolds all comments on each page. This is a great start, but I'd love something that could "unfold all" pages.
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(Not directly helpful, but just a suggestion). If you find that cathartic. check out Postsecret.
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Response by poster: Oh, yeah, PostSecret's great, but there's something more of a community around the school ones, is all. It also inspires a great deal of negativity (namely specific "I hate Jane Doe" threads) that you don't see on PS.
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paging anildash
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Do you have access to the main account?
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I don't think this is unique to Wesleyan; the NYU community also does them sometimes (usually right before exams).

I would just take a few minutes to copy and paste the source. I think it'd be easy to put the page-two comments right after the page-one comments. It wouldn't be widgety and cool, but it should work (and if you only have to do it seven times, it wouldn't be terribly onerous). You might also bear in mind that the final pages you create are going to be pretty darn big.
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