Uncut and underexperienced.
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I need some tips for giving oral sex to a man who isn't circumcised.

I've given a lot of oral sex, but most American men are circumcised, and so that's all I know about. Does it differ substantially? Are there things I need to know that could 'trip me up' and so on?
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A search for uncircumcised penis oral sex pulls up lots of sites that talk about this. This page recommends inserting your tongue into the foreskin and circling the head with it; this one notes that some guys like it when the foreskin slides back and forth over the head of the penis but some guys prefer that it be pulled back when you play with them. This page talks a bit more about why that is. My limited experience with circumcised guys is that when they get hard, the foreskin generally retracts enough that it's not really an issue, but I'm sure that varies from guy to guy. Talking is gonna be key.
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experience with circumcised guys

uncircumcised guys, I mean
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Whatever you do, don't pull back the foreskin and go to town in the same way you would on an uncircumcised guy.... it's way too sensitive! (Think of it as being the same thing as him doing that to your clit) OUCH!
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Well, there's a bit of skin available to pinch/scrape that you might not be used to, so be mindful, but you don't need to be nearly as delicate as fvox13 seems to think, at least in my experience.

Pull skin back. Continue as normal. Please to not stare in horror or be too delicate or panic or anything like that. Those would be BadThings™.

Make sure he isn't CRAZY sensitive or something, since that would be rough, but otherwise, don't worry about it. I haven't had a girl have a problem figuring things out or complain about having to alter their technique at all. Plus, it's probably considerably easier to give a hand job. Bonus!
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Ask him what he likes.
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It's all about tongue & lips and lay off the teeth. Around the point where the foreskin is still attached can be the most blissfully sensitive point (a point to consider for anyone considering letting the doctor make a few extra $$$ giving your new born a snip) but the general rule, as with any sexual techniques, is enjoy finding out the various favourites your partner has...and discovering a few others ;-)

Treat his cock like the most amazing popsicle you'll ever have in your life and you can't go far wrong.
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A cut guy's penis and an uncut guys penis are similar to deal with, but there are important differences.

Uncut - the part of the head that gets covered by foreskin when the penis is flaccid is very sensitive. Be very gentle with it.

Cut - the head of a cut penis is used to being rubbed against underwear, trousers, etc, and is much less sensitive. You can be more more rough with an uncut penis than a cut one.

Different parts of the penis require different stimulation.

The frenulum - the small flap of skin on the underside of the penis, where the skin of the shaft gathers together and meets the smooth skin of the glans. This is a very sensitive part on most every penis, cut or uncut. Lightly tickle it with the tip of your tongue.

The meatus AKA "piss slit" - some guys like it sucked, others can't stand it.

The top/front of the glans - use the flat of your tongue. This gives a feeling of warmth. Or, purse your lips together, and slide them tightly over the glans. Essntially, mimic the sensation of a vagina. This is easier with cut guys, because you can go all the way down the shaft without the foreskin getting in the way. If your guy is uncut, take it slowly, and let the forskin retract/not retract as it sees fit.

The suculus (the bit where the shaft meets the glans) - apparently quite sensitive in cut guys, but not especially so on uncut guys. Wrap your tongue round this one. The closest thing I've ever seen to a similar action is watching a giraffe eat the leaves of an acacia tree. The tongue comes out, and curls back on itself. Also make small licks up the shaft onto the glans, moving your tongue about 1cm.

The shaft - the shaft isn't the most sensitive part of the penis (it's only function is to enable penetration, until you reach the scrotum. licking the shaft where it meets the scrotum (easier if your guy is shaved) is an excellent way to "tease" your man.

The following s my own subjective attitude. Ignore or use as you wish.

A blowjob that doesn't involve scrotal, perineal (the "taint") or even anal stimulation, is only half a blowjob. These other three areas are all very sensitive, and I find it to be a case of "while you're down there....".

Scrotum - extremely sensitive. Having this stimulated can make a guy moan. Very pleasurable. I find that starting slowly, with small licks to be the best way. Start at the base (if the guy is lying on his back, and you are between his legs, on eye level with his genitalia, this is the area that is closest to you, on the "front"), with small licks, then gradually move up and out. Be warned, though, that the area where the scrotum meets the hips is even more sensitive than the scrotum itself. If you can manage it (if your guys scrotum is small enough, or your tongue long enough), start at the top, by the guys hip, and probe down, using the tip of your tongue, in one smooth solid action. Some guys will find this too sensitive, and jerk about/push your head away.
Having a shaved/waxed scrotum makes this job much much easier. It also makes the scrotum more sensitive. One last tip - when the scrotum is good and wet and warm, blow gently on it. Sends some guys wild. ;)

Perineum - awkward to get to unless the guy lies on his chest, and some guys are embarassed to do this. Use your finger to apply firm pressure (the hardness of the area is the rest of the guys shaft), or your tongue for long smooth strokes. Tickling also works well.

Anal area - unless this is scrupulously clean, don't bother. Chances are your guy will be too embarrassed for this, or he will like it, but be too shy to ask. Discuss this before you give it a go. Smooth strokes over the area are the way to go. Another sensitive area is at the join at the top of the buttocks, usually covered lightly with hair. With the tip of your tongue to draw little circles. This will probably have your guy twitching, but it's really nice.

Lastly, oral sex is "masturbating with a tongue". Watch your guy masturbate sometime, and use similar moves on him when you fellate him. Also, fellatee feedback is a must. Ask your guy what he likes, and doesn't like. Of course, all this is just the start. Some guys like being tickeld with a feather, or to have the woman keep an icecube in her mouth. Experimentation is the way to go.
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Lastly, oral sex is "masturbating with a tongue".

Okay, that's ridiculous. What's vanilla sex, masturbating with a vagina?
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Just ask the dude in question what he likes. You don't need to couch it in terms of cut vs. uncut. Stopping for an anatomy lesson in the middle of sex is serious libido poison, so make it a blowjob question and not a circumcision question.
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