What are good, secluded ponds for skating near NYC?
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Good pond skating in the New York City region? I'm willing to travel up to 100 miles (though that's the absolute limit). The more secluded the better, and no man-made rinks.
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There is a pond/lake in Bedford Hills/Mt Kisco just off the Saw Mill Parkway that opens for skating when it freezes. I have no driven by in a few weeks, but I imagine it is open now. It is not that secluded but it is pretty neat to skate on. Not sure the name of the park it is in, but you can see it from the highway. It is on the West side of the road. Sorry I have no name or better suggestions. There are many private lakes in northern Westchester that if you know the owner could be secluded and fun. Alas, I do not know them.
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There's this place off River Rd. in Teaneck, NJ that usually freezes over. Or used to anyway. It's kind of small, but it's there. Kids used to play hockey occasionally there. In the summertime there is a lesser known tennis court next to it too.

It's the blobby pond to the right of the Hackensack river in this google maps link. Small pond off Andreas Park in Teaneck,NJ.
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This,ight fit your bill. It is up in Yorktown, about 40 miles north of Mid-town.
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