Where does this sample come from?
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For a few years now I've noticed a sample that I believe is the same in two songs. Posse in Effect by the Beastie Boys, and Take it Slow by Technotronic (scroll down to Pump up the Jam)... Each page has a sample to listen to. It seems to be a slow sax sample. I'm not sure, but that's what I think it is. Is it the same sample? If so, does anyone know where it's sampled from?
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James Brown, "The Payback?" Maybe the Ohio Players? I'll keep looking...
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Hmm.. Not "The Payback" I do hear what you're thinking, I think. That little downward sound on the guitar. But I think it's a definite sax sound. Unless, however, there's a break in there that's not in the partial song samples online that I'm finding. (alas, I don't have any James Brown in my collection. That should be remedied...) Thanks for looking :) Do you happen to hear the bit I'm referring to?
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Definitely a sax, definitely used on a LOT of hiphop records - I know it's also on DJ Q-Bert's Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik, too... but I can't place the source.
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